JS Mosaic Works designs and installs unique, exceptional mosaic bathroom tiles, mosaic kitchen tiles and other decorative and functional designs for homes and businesses across Missouri. If you are looking to create a space that is truly unique and is sure to draw attention, let us help you create a fantastic look with custom mosaic tiles.

Using a nearly endless variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes, we can create a custom mosaic tile installation that completes any effect or complements any motif. Whether you are redesigning just one wall or renovating your entire kitchen, bathroom, lounge or lobby, we will give you a look that is truly exceptional.

A custom mosaic tile design can be used to draw attention to a space and create a memorable first impression. Many businesses use our unique design and mosaic tile installations to wow their friends, family, customers or clients when they first walk through the door. A mosaic tile backsplash behind your front desk, surrounding your lobby, or behind the bar in Concordia, Kansas City or elsewhere in Missouri will make your business unique and create a lasting impression in your customers’ minds.

A well-designed tile mosaic can create a distinctive look or enhance any existing décor design, whether you are looking for something chic and trendy, sleek and urban, or a classic, vintage or eclectic look – or something completely distinctive and new. Choose from subtle earth shades in variations of gray, beige, orange, green or blue to make a clean and understated look, or choose bright colors and bold textures to make an eye-catching centerpiece. Whatever you have in mind for your home or your business, we will create it.

Learn more about custom mosaic tiles and mosaic tile installations today by calling JS Mosaic Works’ office in Concordia, Missouri at 660-815-5656.