Crafted Concrete

Concrete is one of the most versatile materials to work with and it is also among the most durable. At JS Mosaic Works, we can build almost any design you have in mind using crafted concrete.

Our custom concrete designs can be made to imitate the looks of other materials such as granite or marble, and it can also be crafted and shaped into nearly any form or style. We provide crafted concrete designs as well as tile fireplace installation, tile pool installation, flooring, countertops and much more for clients in Kansas City, Missouri, and the surrounding region.

We combine our skills as tile installers and crafted concrete installers to give you a structure or installation that is truly unique and long-lasting. When it comes to durability, it is hard to find a material stronger than concrete and crafted concrete, even when it is made into unique shapes and structures, is remarkably resistant to heat, erosion, cracking, chipping and other damages. Concrete can also easily be made flat and sooth, making it ideal for floors both indoors and outside.

Our custom concrete designs are often included as part of fireplace tile installations. Custom concrete forms can serve as the foundation of the floor, countertops in a kitchen, the base of a fireplace and many other structures. Concrete can also be used as a stand-alone material. Using different finishes and effects, crafted concrete can complete or complement almost any style or design.

Take a look at our previous projects and our gallery to see how crafted concrete can change your kitchen, bathroom, patio, pool area, living room and many other spaces at your home or business. To learn more or to get started with your project in Kansas City, Concordia or elsewhere in Missouri, call us today at 660-815-5656.