Commercial Projects

The look of your business can determine what type of customers you draw and the appeal your company or venue has to prospective clients. If your restaurant, office, hotel, bar, café or other business is drab and boring, customers will quickly forget about their experience. If your business makes a bold statement and displays a sense of style, however, customers will remember your name and they will be more likely to come back.

JS Mosaic Works helps create a bold look for commercial properties throughout Kansas City, Missouri and the surrounding region with our commercial concrete design and unique tiling services. There is virtually no limit to what we can accomplish with crafted concrete, custom tiling and distinctive stonework, so let us help you make your space truly stand out.

We will help you from start to finish, beginning with initial design to determine the scope of your commercial concrete or tiling project. We will assess your needs, budget, timeline and style preferences with you and help design an extraordinary space for your commercial property in Concordia or elsewhere in the Kansas City region. Whether you just want to redesign a single room or you want to completely renovate the entire space, we are up to the challenge.

Our commercial concrete floor design and tiling installations in Missouri will give you a tough and durable floor to endure heavy foot traffic while also providing an exceptional and attractive look. With many different types of finishes and effects, we can give your concrete floors a polished, sleek and elegant look without breaking your budget. We can also choose from a wide range of stone and tile selections, helping you achieve a more natural aesthetic or a polished and refined shine to your floors.

Crafted concrete can also be used to make bars, counters, steps, pillars and much more. You can update, clean up and modernize your business or completely transform it with a new commercial concrete design and tiling services from JS Mosaic Works.

Browse our previous commercial concrete projects to see what new, crafted concrete can do for your business. To get started, call  660-815-5656 to schedule an initial consultation.